Workplace Safety & Active Shooter Workshop

We are the leading experts in Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT) and workplace safety. We offer active shooter response training, Krav Maga self-defense seminars, executive protection training, force on force sim training, and tactical firearms training. We have the ability to travel anywhere in the world for the most advanced response training. We will train all staff members and create an Emergency Action Plan. This training goes well beyond the typical "Run, Hide” instructions which do not work. We will teach you how to handle the situation and the aggressor both physically and mentally.

Make sure you're prepared!

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                                                             WHAT CLIENTS SAY:

"VERY INFORMATIVE! Potentially life-saving tips/techniques people can use not only in the workplace but at other settings as well."​

SP, Pharmaceutical Company

"THIS WAS BY FAR THE MOST VALUABLE TRAINING THE FIRM COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN US. The presentation was fascinating, gripping, and mind expanding. The level of information, including the facts and figures, was above-and-beyond expectations. "​

M&J, Law Firm

"THANK YOU FOR ARRANGING THIS! I thought it was very useful, and although it’s something we don’t want to imagine happening, IT IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE ADDRESSED. "​

University of PENN

"I LEARNED A GREAT DEAL. I was surprised by how much common sense his approach made, yet I know my instinct would be to do the opposite of what he taught. With the skills I learned, I WILL NOW RESPOND DIFFERENTLY should I ever find myself in such a situation. "​

Morris Nichols Law Firm 

“This exercise was excellent. Having a mindset is so important in all situations and these exercises have helped imbed the natural reaction of an active shooter situation. Put aside the analytical part of your mind and just react. Being able to practice that concept will help if ever put in the situation for real. “

 Security & Protection Agency