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After the terror attacks in Paris and the threats around the US, we have developed a Krav Maga training program called ASRT. Here are pictures from our training today, as well as public transportation Krav Maga.

Public Transportation and Terrorist Attack

Public Transportation and Terrorist Attack

Active Shooter Response Training: ASRT

Active Shooter Response Training: ASRT

Saturday 10/24/15 DE location at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

2083 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont DE 19703

Saturday 10/24/15 Philadelphia location 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm 

542 N Percy St, Philadelphia PA 19123


What do you do to save yourself and others when you cannot escape and an Active Shooter is forcing his way through the door of your classroom or office intent on hurting you -not to take you hostage?

The techniques and tactics thought in the program ASRT are truly LAST RESORT SURVIVAL MEASURES, where you have only two choices, do nothing and get hurt or respond as a team, using ASRT, and fight for survival.


When it comes to survival there is no margin for errors and every delay can be fatal. Not knowing what to do will cause panic and waste precious time. In order to act decisively in life threatening circumstances we must trust that the training we received will actually work.

The Active Shooter Response Training teaches valuable reality-based lessons in a no-nonsense format and provides step-by-step specific instructions of attack countermeasures that can save lives.

We will cover:

Preparing for the Shooter:

◦Defending the room – Understand the difference between cover and concealment.

◦Weapons of Survival – How to use ordinary objects to slow down the impact of a bullet.

◦Assuming Leadership Position – How to take charge during a crisis.

◦Looking Outside The Door – How to get out of the shooter’s kill zone.

Disrupting the Shooter:

◦Counter Intrusion Tactics – Learn what to do and not do when the Shooter enters your room.

◦Controlling the Hands

◦Exercise: preparing for the Active Shooter

Stopping the Killer:

◦Watch the life and death difference between taking action to save yourself or just hiding under a table.

◦Learn how to work as a team and collectively stop the Shooter’s attack.

Encounter with Aggressor

◦Stopping the shooter from one side of the door

◦Stopping the shooter from both side of the door

◦Weapon Disarmament and Control

◦Tying Down The Shooter

◦The Winning Mindset

We will train with protective gear.

Cost is only $40, for current Krav Maga students $35

Have a group of friends or family members? Fifth member is FREE


October Dynamic Response Training

Basic Handgun 10/10/15 Saturday 5:30pm-7:30pm

This course is specifically designed to assist students with skill development and use of the semi-automatic pistol as a personal defense weapon in a basic-level firearms training environment.
The COST is $99.99+$20 for range- paid before training; for every additional person you bring, you get $20 off
Ammunition- 50 rounds…
You can rent a pistol for $10 if you need one. I will let you know what type of ammunition you will need, or you can buy ammunition from us (need to know prior to event).

Advanced Handgun 10/11/15 Sunday3:30pm-6:30pm:
This is a fast paced, physically demanding firearms training course! Students should be in good physical condition, familiar with their equipment and have a solid understanding of gun-handling skills established prior to attending this course
The COST is $150+$20 for range- paid before training; for every additional person you bring, you get $20 off
Ammunition- 150 rounds, Cloths- shirt for concealed training, Pants with belt and holster

Rifle tactical training- Sunday 10/18/15- 3:30pm-6:30pm
The COST is $150+$20 for range- paid before training
Ammunition- 200 rounds,

Must sign up prior to training

Home and car defense training in NJ will be on an invite basis only upon completing the advanced training.

Magen Tactical Defense
544 N Percy St, Philadelphia PA 19123

Krav Maga – Women’s Self Defense – Kids Training Program at our NEW Philadelphia & DE location

Krav Maga – Women’s Self Defense – Kids Training Program at our NEW Philadelphia & DE location

Classes START Tuesday Sept 8th

  • 25% off pre paid programs 12 months & up
  • 20% off six month pre-paid
  • 15% off class package deals, month to month, and contract deals
  • Offer expires on Saturday Sept 12th.
  • Law Enforcement get an additional 10% OFF
    Space is limited, enroll now; our Philadelphia location can only have 15 full time students!!!!

Krav Maga class: 4 levels of training

Our Krav Maga program has beginners and advanced classes which have different levels of students. In this method, you will learn much faster and be more efficient than training with students who are at the same level. I have been doing it for a long time, and this method of training has been proven.
This class is competitive and requires levels of fitness, agility, aggression, and stamina. I will teach you how to develop these traits; however, you are required to have some of it before training.
It is adults only. It is full contact but controlled; we are training the same way I did in Israel, strong but safe. We work in the training room, out the training room, in our cars, and other realistic areas that might trigger a potential assault.

Women’s self-defense: one year program
This class is less intense than the regular Krav Maga class; you will learn how to defend yourself when an attack occurs. We will focus on technique and how to use force efficiently.
There is a minimum amount of contact with low aggression and low levels of fitness.
This class is perfect for someone who wants to learn how to defend themselves.

Here is a list of things we will cover:

1.Defense against any attacker
2.Counter any attack including punches, kicks, strikes of any kind
3.Defense against multiple attacks
4.Defense against knifes, guns, bats, and any other kind of weapons
5.Being able to defend yourself while standing, sitting, and ground
6.Being able to defend yourself in any situation that arises.

Cosher Kravi warrior fitness:

Cosher Kravi defines the level of physical and mental fitness that demonstrates the endurance and persistence necessary to accomplish any task and master any goal, despite obstacles and challenges, in the most effective manner possible.

Cosher Kravi is built on the foundation of optimal physical and mental fitness including:

  • Unshakable self confidence
  • Physical stamina
  • Mental toughness
  • Orientation under pressure
  • Ability to function optimally despite uncertainty, fatigue, hunger and pressure.

Cosher Kravi is what supports and underlies the entire field of physical and combat fitness in the Israel Defense Forces.  It is the ultimate measure of power, agility, and endurance of the combatant.

Krav Maga for Healthy, Confident Kids

The Krav Maga for Kids classes are designed to help your children to:

  • Get Healthy
  • Gain Confidence
  • Develop Leadership Qualities

Krav Maga for Health focuses on teaching children about the importance of health and fitness, and encourages them to develop healthy habits that could last a lifetime!

Krav Maga for Confidence focuses on developing leadership skills in your child, increasing personal confidence, security and independence.

The classes include: Controlling Instincts, Persistence, Concentration, Attentiveness, Visualization & Imagery, Dealing with Personal Situations, Interpersonal Communication, Social Games, and Self Defense. Students will also learn about physical and verbal violence and the appropriate actions to prevent them, along with Krav Maga self-defense techniques.

Prices for Krav Maga/ Women’s Self-Defense/ Warrior Fitness:

  • Single class $35
  • 6 Classes $198 (good for one year)
  • 10 Classes $290 (good for one year)
  • 25 classes $625 (good for one year)

Monthly unlimited classes:

Month to month $220

Contract monthly billing 6 months $195, 12 months $175, 24 months $150 ; 15% off second family member
Pre-paid membership one-time payment

  • 6 months unlimited classes +10% off gear prices  and training seminars and 20% off second family member $180×6 =$1080
  • 12 months Unlimited classes+ 25% off any other trainings that will be offered during that time and gear prices and 30% off second family member  $160×12= $1920
  • 18 months unlimited classes + 30% off any other trainings that will be offered during that time and gear prices and 35%  off second family member $150X18 =$2700
  • 24 months unlimited classes + 40% off any other trainings that will be offered during that time and gear prices and 45% off second family member $130×24=$3120

Free krav maga T- shirt when signing up

No joining or membership fee

Prices for Kids Krav Maga:

  • Single class $35
  • 6 Classes $198 (good for one year)
  • 10 Classes $290 (good for one year)
  • 25 classes $625 (good for one year)

Monthly unlimited classes:

  • Month to month $190
  • Contract monthly billing 6 months $170, 12 months $150
  • Pre-paid membership one-time payment- FREE T-shirt
  • 6 months unlimited classes $160×6 =$960
  • 12 months Unlimited classes $140×12= $1680
  • 24 months unlimited classes $120×24=$2880
  • Second kid 20% off, third kid 40% off, firth kid trains for FREE
  • No joining or membership fee

Level 1 training outline

  1. Defense against any attacker: (understanding confrontation)
  2. Getting acquainted with weak points (physical, psychological, structural)
  3. Handling stress, reacting swiftly and effectively
  4. Attacker-victim psychology (understanding face-to-face confrontation)
  5. Psychology of combat
  6. Learn how to attack – utilizing:kicking, punching, open hand, elbows, knees ,chokes, take downs, multiple body strikes
  7. Defense against: kicking, punching, elbows, knees, verbal abuse, pushing, Holds/grabs, chokes, take downs, bear hugs,
  8. Sitting defense and review of standing defense. Summer testing and review on sitting and standing defense

Level 2 training outline

  1. Ground defense
  2. Knife defense

Level 3 training outline

  1. Gun Defense
  2. Stick and improvised weapons defense/ small/confined fighting areas/ home defense

Level 4 training outline

  1. Car and public transportation training
  2. Defense against multiple attackers and third party protection

Final Test

You will be tested on all material that was learned – under high stress and pressure

Certificates will be given to passing students after each level; must complete level 1 before level 2



Wilmington DE

2083 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont DE 19703 (Holly Oak Shopping Center- FREE PARKING).

  • Krav Maga class: Mon 8-9 pm, Wed 7-8 pm, Sat 9-10 am; Level 2 current students only Wed 8-9pm
  • Women’s self-defense: Mon 7-8 pm, Wed 6-7 pm, Sat 10-11 am
  • Law enforcement only Saturday 11 am- 12pm
  • Warrior fitness and open mat for training and sparring Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm-  7:30 pm
  • Teens Krav Maga age 13 & up Monday & Wednesday 5-6 pm
  • Kids Krav Maga age 5-8 Tuesday & Thursday 5:00- 5:45 pm
  • Kids Krav Maga age 9-12 Tuesday & Thursday 5:45- 6:30 pm

Philadelphia PA- FREE PARKING

The Gun Range

544 N Percy St, Philadelphia PA 19123

Tuesdays & Thur 5:30- 6:30 pm     Teens krav maga age 13 & up

6:30 – 7:30 p.m.  Women’s Self Defense

7:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Krav Maga

Sundays 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.  Women’s Self Defense

10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Krav Maga

11:00-12:00 pm    krav maga for law enforcement only