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Magen Tactical Defense

Group Class Schedule:

Weekly a.m. & p.m. classes offered:

500 Duncan Rd

Wilmington, DE 19809


Krav Maga

Magen Tactical Defense (“Magen”) was founded by reserve officers from elite IDF units and security divisions. Magen was established in 2012 with the main purpose of training and qualifying security guards, body guards and combatants in the security field. Magen provides a range of tactically relevant training aids, including modern shooting ranges, classroom lectures and more. Our company will qualify and train across versatile security fields including body guards and security guards, not only for firearms but also batons and bare-handed defense. Additionally, Magen provides training for firing range masters and supervisors as well as shooting instructor courses. We offer security advice to enterprise structures in the U.S. and abroad. We specialize in writing combat doctrine and security procedures for private enterprises and tactical units. The training academy also provides guidance and training overseas to governmental special units and to private enterprises in a wide range of fields. Our special training department is flexible and has the ability to match itself to the needs and budget of our clients. The company staff is composed of experts who have extensive experience in shooting, warfare and security instruction, further to their practical experience in their units in Israel.

New! Women’s Self Defense Course

Due to the rising number of assaults against women, we at Magen have developed a special training program designed for women's self-defense. This training has been developed and is designated for women only.

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