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About Magen Tactical Defense Krav Maga


Magen Tactical Defense (“Magen”) was established in 2012 by reserve officers from elite IDF units and security divisions. We are the leading experts in Krav Maga self-defense and defensive firearms training. We offer group Krav Maga classes, self-defense seminars, women’s self-defense, teens Krav Maga anti-bullying programs, active shooter/counter terrorism training, and defensive firearms training. Magen provides a range of tactically relevant training aids, including modern shooting ranges, classroom lectures, Krav Maga facilities, and more. Our company will qualify and train across versatile security fields including body guards, security guards, public safety, military, police officers, EMS, federal agencies, counter-terrorism units, not only for firearms but also non-lethal bare-handed self-defense. We offer security advice to enterprise structures in the U.S. and abroad. We specialize in writing combat doctrine and security procedures for private enterprises and tactical units. The training academy also provides guidance and training overseas to governmental special units and to private enterprises in a wide range of fields. Our special training department is flexible and has the ability to match itself to the needs and budget of our clients. The company staff is composed of experts who have extensive experience in Krav Maga self-defense, defensive firearms, warfare and security instruction, further to their practical experience in their units in Israel.

Chanan Smith FounderCompany Founder

Chanan Smith: The founder and owner is a reserve lieutenant in the IDF Givati unit. During his military career, Chanan trained and commanded counter-terror units in the Gaza Strip, and worked with the Israel Security Agency. Chanan has trained soldiers in Krav Maga, counter-terrorism, defense against stabbing attempts by terrorists, soldier kidnap, fighting and gaining control over terrorists armed with cold/hot weapons, etc. Chanan has also worked as a security expert for protection personnel, public transportation, and border control. He is an experienced trainer in the institutional and private sectors, and is actively involved in training security units.


The school staff, experienced in the most advanced combat and training techniques, is made up of trainers qualified by the IDF who now train and consult in the civilian sector. They have years of experience both in the field and as instructors.