Tactical Firearms Training

This intense firearms training course introduces unorthodox shooting positions and techniques with the handgun that can be used when fighting from the ground or if injured during a violent confrontation. The techniques presented in this firearms training course have been established based on real world situations that law-enforcement officers and lawfully armed citizens have experienced during encounters with violent assailants.

This firearms training course will provide invaluable information to the student, including techniques on how to fight with a handgun, reload and clear malfunctions from various positions when injured, knocked to the ground or shooting from a seated position in a vehicle.

This is a fast paced, physically demanding firearms training course! Students should be in good physical condition, familiar with their equipment and have a solid understanding of gun-handling skills established prior to attending this course.

Course pre-requisite: Due to the advanced level of this course, completion of the Advanced Firearms Training Course or equivalent experience is mandatory.

Available Rentals: Handgun $10

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